Corporate Ventures

Our portfolio companies are designed to be lean, efficient, and easy to understand investments that provide residual returns and substantial upside while minimizing risk.

Turn Key Chef's is a real estate investment company that partners with commercial developers and property owners to build shared commercial kitchens that provide the equipment and back office support chefs need when starting their own restaurant.
Coder Slides provides web development agencies and freelancers with a catalog of Power Point templates that make it easy for their clients to figure out exactly what they want developed using a tool they are familiar with. Making it easy for clients to create stylish wireframes for their websites, dashboards, reports, and mobile apps so that everyone involved knows exactly what needs to be developed. Helping everyone save time and reduce stress.
Providing free branding, office space, and back-office support to professionals looking to freelance in Western New York. Agency 716 works with Western New York's top freelancers, from across multiple fields and industries, to deliver a streamlined experience that helps local businesses overcome their greatest challenges and capitalize on new opportunities without the bloated costs that come with a standard agency while making it easier for regular professionals to become a freelancer.
A modern media company that produces visually appealing digital and print magazines across categories including food, life sciences, investment strategy, and business management. By blending artistic design with local brands, CustomerPR delivers the best intent-driven content and experiences that help readers find inspiration, make decisions, and take action.
A collaboration with WNY Home Repair, SnapCosts is FaceTime for home repair contractors. The facetime-like video chat allows contractors to quickly perform a home walkthrough with prospects from their phone, guide homeowners through the process of collecting the measurements, photos, and notes they need to generate an estimate, and get back to work without having to waste the time and fuel needed to meet in person. Founded in August 2021, the software is currently in development and is expect to launch Q2, 2022.
A collaboration with a major online gift basket retailer, Silent Raffle was a marketing automation platform designed for the gift basket industry that enabled non-profit organizations to host legal online silent raffles where donors would make a donation to receive virtual tickets which could be used for a chance to win different gift baskets. The cost of the gift baskets was then deducted from the donations and the remaining amount was deposited into the organizations bank account. Sold in 2017 to a major online gift basket distributor.