Polar Apex Helps Developers Reduce Stress

Polar Apex, a business development company located in Western New York, today announced its recent investment in CoderSlides, a SaaS platform that provides developers and their clients with easy to customize PowerPoint templates that contain the icons, buttons, input fields, elements, and tutorials non-technical people need to design and map out what they need developed; saving time and reducing stress for the developer and their clients.

“CoderSlides has helped me spend less time on non-billable activities like requirements gathering and more time actually getting work done,” stated Tauheed Ali, the CEO of Gauged Solutions. “Clients can now use PowerPoint to create a wireframe of what they need that I can work from, so much less stress”.

The investment will help CoderSlides expand its catalog to over 100 templates. Developers pay a monthly fee for access to an ever-growing catalog of templates, project management features, and marketing features.


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