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The Next Bio-Revolution is Single-Cell Omics 

BUFFALO, N.Y.December 19, 2022

April 2003 marked the end of a thirteen-year international scientific effort to produce the first map of the human genome. Far from signifying an end, however, the completion of the Human Genome Project was the beginning of the age of personalized medicine. The goal of personalized medicine is to use genomic data – data about an individual’s unique DNA – to determine the best course of medical care. Personalized medicine eschews one-size-fits-all treatments for more targeted care plans that result in better patient outcomes. Today, doctors and researchers from every hospital, lab and drug company around the world use the power of the genomic revolution to better understand diseases and develop new therapeutics.

According to the McKinsey Institute, the direct economic impact of using biological applications to prevent, diagnose, and treat disease could top $1.2 trillion by 2040. Among the applications expected to have a massive impact on this economic growth over the next twenty years is single-cell omics. Just as the Human Genome Project transformed one-size-fits-all treatments into personalized medicine, single-cell omics technologies have the potential to revolutionize personalized medicine.

Right now, the most common way to sequence a person’s DNA when trying to personalize their medical care is by using bulk sequencing methods. Bulk DNA sequencing incorporates data from many thousands of cells in an individual - say, cells taken from a lung biopsy. Bulk sequencing averages the sequencing data from these cells to determine if that individual has lung cancer or not, and can even determine if a certain mutation is present in that sample. But a major assumption of bulk sequencing is that all sequenced cells are the same, which isn’t always the case.

Single-cell omics allows researchers to “zoom in” and study disease at the resolution of a single cell, turning personalized medicine into precision medicine. Single-cell omics doesn’t average-out sequencing data; it uses high-throughput sequencing technologies to provide data specific to each cell that is sampled, allowing scientists to identify rare differences between cell types. For example, single-cell omics may be able to identify a rare mutation that would make a person with lung cancer resistant to a future treatment, while bulk sequencing may miss these rare mutations.

The higher resolution of single-cell omics allows researchers and pharmaceutical companies to better understand complex diseases like cancer. Imagine looking at the stars without a telescope – they all look pretty much the same, and only large patterns and differences are immediately obvious. But, when you take a closer look, it turns out that there were huge differences just waiting to be discovered. That is the power of single-cell omics to transform personalized medicine.

We are currently working with leading biotech companies at the forefront of the single-cell omics bio-revolution. If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to us right away.

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